Experienced engineers and technicians plan and design individual vessels, apparatus and plants as well as welded and sheet metal constructions to your specifications. Tell us e.g. your processing requirements or specifications, we will take care of the rest! Several workstations with the SolidWorks© 3D CAD system are available. All standard 2D and 3D data can be read in.


Following clarification of your requirements, our specialists produce a three-dimensional design. All their experience and competent knowledge is utilised for this. You can examine the vessels, apparatus and sheet metal constructions as a 3D design, from the inside or outside, before they are actually produced. All the connections, components, etc. are represented with millimetre precision, which facilitates, e.g. checking of the subsequent serviceability or the detection of possible conflicts. After the 3D model has been created, a production drawing is produced with all the necessary details. After this drawing has been approved by the customer, production of the component or plant begins.

On the right you can see examples of 3D CAD models and the corresponding end products.