All kinds of different vessels are built for the manufacture and storage of chemical products, e.g. process tanks, reactors, agitator vessels or storage tanks. Raff + Grund's production range extends from small reactors for research institutes through to storage tanks with approx. 100m³ capacity.


Single, double and triple-walled vessels, either horizontal or vertical, are built. The required wall thicknesses, the heating and cooling casings, as well as the necessary agitators, valves and fittings, and controls are each designed and produced to match the specific process.

We usually process stainless steel such as 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4435 or 1.4571. Materials such as 1.4539 (254 SMO), aluminium, titanium or nickel-based alloys such as Hastelloy, etc. are also processed to order.

All the required acceptances, such as pressure or leak test, penetrant flaw detection, surface roughness measurement, TÜV acceptances, ferrite content measurement in the weld, weld documents (WPS), spectral analyses for material determination or videoendoscopy, are possible in-house at Raff + Grund with appropriate documentation.