Products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food or drinks industry are frequently manufactured or stored in pressure and agitator vessels. Pressure vessels are required for sterilisation, for pressure superpressurisation with inert gases, etc. Process tanks and reactors are often equipped with process-related agitators.


Raff + Grund has experience in the construction of single, double and triple-walled agitator tanks and pressure vessels in all kinds of different sizes and up to pressures of over 400bar. The heating and cooling casings as well as the insulation, agitators, valves and fittings are especially matched to the process. We individually plan and produce the tanks and vessels to your specifications. We can also supply the vessels complete with all attachments, agitators and controls.

In general, pressure vessels are designed to the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC in conjunction with AD2000 leaflet HP0/TRD201 and ISO 3834-3. Pressure vessels to module A1 or design to ASME standards are also possible.

All the required acceptances, such as plant FAT, pressure or leak test and TÜV acceptance, penetrant flaw detection, surface roughness measurement, weld documents (WPS), ferrite content measurement in the weld or videoendoscopy, are possible in-house at Raff + Grund with appropriate documentation.