Raff + Grund has extensive experience in vessel and plant construction, among other things for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The production range extends from small reactors and pressure vessels for research institutes through to storage tanks with approx. 100m³ capacity.

We individually plan and produce the vessels and plants to your specifications. The necessary materials and wall thicknesses, surface qualities, piping, pieces of equipment such as heating, cooling or insulating casings, agitators, valves, fittings and controls, each suitably designed and produced for a specific process.

In general, pressure vessels are designed to the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC in conjunction with AD2000 leaflet HP0/TRD201 and ISO 3834-3. Pressure vessels to module A1 or design to ASME standards are also possible.

Diverse automatic welders enable containers with small dimensions or large vessels with circumferential welds up to Ø 3.3m and longitudinal welds up to 12m can be produced fully automated. Piping can be orbit welded in closed welding gun incl. weld documentation. Surfaces with ground, bright polished or electroplated finish with defined roughnesses up to Ra<=0.2µm maximum are possible.